Founded by Lau Soong Huey (ABeatC) & Cody Foo (Coex) in 2011, Beatnation have been focused on upbringing the Malaysia beatbox community. Beyond organizing regional championships and occasionally bagging the gold and silvers since 2012, Beatnation is dwelling into empowering different urban culture through their actions. In SEA, they are recognized as the Malaysia's community forefront with over thousand members across. As the future is a great unknown, Beatnation now moves toward a bigger dream, to unify community, to extend into different specialities, to work with each other, pushing possibilities and breaking boundaries.


“Push possibilities & break boundaries”

As the motto goes, Beatnation is a creative enterprise that aims to expand Malaysia culture’s growth, centering as the govern body of the culture sphere. Since 2011, BeatNation aims to brew talents despite background, challenges or obstacles, and nurture the next generations of beatboxers, artists and music producers beyond hurdles. With professional level of event management, talent management and project overview, we ensure every project is done with utmost standards. 



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